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Gentle removal of hair in various areas using specialty hard and soft waxes. Prices may vary due to hair length and thickness.

         Eyebrows           $15         

                 (Brow design is $25)                 

​Underarms         $15

Lip                      $7

Side Burns         $12
Chin                    $15
Full face              $50
Half legs             $30
Full back             $50
Full legs              $60
Bikini                   $25
Brazilian              $60
Partial Brazilian   $30
Full arm               $50
Half arm              $25
Chest                  $25

Stomach             $20
Lower back         $25
  Full-body            $230

(half back, full arms, full legs, Brazilian & underarms)
*Full body waxing will need a consultation prior to service
*Please call for additional hair removal services*

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